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Top 10 Dynamic Viewpoints to Experience New York City's Skyline

Top 10 Dynamic Viewpoints to Experience New York City’s Skyline

New York City pulses with life, and the most captivating way to absorb its vibrant energy is from an elevated perspective or up close. Here are our top 10 dynamic viewpoints that will make you feel immersed in the enchantment of the Big Apple

1. Edge Observation Deck – For the daredevils out there! Located in Hudson Yards, the Edge is a thrill ride with a transparent floor that hovers 80 stories high and offers a 360-degree view of New York City. Lean out and look at the city layout below, or challenge yourself to walk on the glass walls that extend from the building at a certain angle.

2. Summit One Vanderbilt – Rise to the next level of living at Summit One Vanderbilt. This innovative experience unites spectacular city views, glass bubbles and an even more spectacular rising effect, which produces an impression of flying in the clouds. For the ultimate luxury, enjoy a gourmet meal in the sublime cloud-level restaurant as you watch the unrivaled view.

3. 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar – If you need fun and your drink with a hint of NYC skyline, 230 Fifth is definitely worth it. Enjoy proximity with the city elite while you drink carefully crafted cocktails while you enjoy the beautiful view of the Empire State Building and other marvels. The inviting atmosphere of this open-air bar will entice you to socialize while taking in the beautiful views of the city skyline during an evening out.

4. The High Line – The park is located in an old freight rail structure raised above the city streets and this gives this park a very dynamic feel of the city. Walk through green spaces, look at the sculptures, and fountains, and enjoy the view of the city from above. Sneak around and watch the joggers and the dog walkers in the park or just choose a bench and watch the city life right beneath you.

5. Brooklyn Bridge Park – See the Brooklyn Bridge from below then ascend to the park to enjoy the Manhattan skyline. This waterfront park is a popular place where people go to relax and have fun; they can be seen having a picnic, cycling, or even just taking a breath of fresh air while admiring the sight of the sea. See a live performance at the large open-air amphitheater in Brooklyn Bridge Park, or just relax at a small and secluded cherry blossom grove in the middle of Brooklyn.

6. Washington Square Park – Feel the spirit of Greenwich Village with its youthful atmosphere. See street performances of breakdance or juggling, listen to students practicing their music or just wander around and sit on a bench and watch the people while admiring the Washington Arch. This park is very active and kind of represents New York City’s melting pot culture because it is always lively and always entertaining.

7. Times Square – This place is one of the most famous places in New York which is famous for its panel lights and energetic environment. Although this is not a view, the high level of activities and big-looking impressions make it an exciting one than other views. Avoid bumping into Funko Pop characters, admire the gigantic movie posters and feel the vibe that is associated with this iconic crossroad.

8.Staten Island Ferry – This is one of the beautiful and cheap attractions that you should not miss when in New York. As a free ferry, one gets a scenic view of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the lower Manhattan skyline all while feeling the cool New York Harbor breeze. Experience the sea mist as the ferry glides across the ocean and take stunning photos of these New York icons.

9. Top of the Rock Observation Deck – Must visit since it is very New York, Top of the Rock gives one an aerial view of Central Park and the Empire State Building from a different angle than when you are in the building. Marvel at the city’s most famous landmarks from a new standpoint and appreciate its magnificent architecture. Top of the Rock does not have all these structures obstructing the views and you get to see all of Manhattan at its best.

10. The Public – This is a rooftop bar located in The Public Hotel in the Lower East Side of Manhattan; it combines amazing views of the city with a vibrant atmosphere. Relax with a beverage in one hand and engage with friendly people while savoring the lively ambiance framed by the constantly evolving skyline. The Public features amazing panoramic views, however, it’s the young and lively atmosphere of the place that deserves special attention. It is an ideal place to relax after sightseeing and discover New York City’s nightlife while making new friends and cherishing the view that will be unforgettable even after the last sip of the cocktail.

Thus, whether you are an adrenaline-seeking sportsman searching for a breathtaking view or a curious spectator who wishes to feel the energy of the city, there is an invigorating view of New York City that will leave you breathless. Put on your comfortable shoes, take your camera and brace yourself to discover the wonders of New York from a new angle.

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