Singapore’s Must-Visit Gardens for Families

Singapore has rightly earned the epithet of a City in a Garden. The tropical greenery of parks and beautifully designed gardens are all inviting and make excellent places for family outings. This list explores 14 of the best gardens in Singapore, catering to all ages and interests: 1. Gardens by the Bay: An unmissable place, famous for its futuristic Supertree Grove. Visit air-conditioned greenhouse structures such as the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest which showcase plants from different parts of the world. Visit the OCBC Garden Rhapsody at night and watch how the Supertrees dance to the rhythm of music with the use of lights. 2. Singapore Botanic Gardens: A World Heritage site, these extensive gardens contain interesting zones such as the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden which includes water elements, sculptures, and spots to play that can stimulate the minds and bodies of little ones. The Learning Forest has interesting exhibits for kids, which makes it ideal for nurturing the children’s curiosity about nature. A must-visit attraction is the National Orchid Garden, Singapore’s pride for its national flower at its best. 3. Haw Par Villa: It is a park that is characterized by several scenes that represent Chinese legends and myths. Although some scenes could be a little disturbing to children, it is an interesting look into Chinese customs and traditions. Older children are likely to appreciate the historical significance of the park while teenagers will find the humorous figures and bright representations as good for discussion. 4. Japanese & Chinese Gardens: Experience the tranquility of the gardens located next to each other. Visit idyllic ponds with koi fish swimming in them, observe well-maintained gardens with bonsai and visit the inspiring and unique art of growing dwarf trees. The Chinese Garden has a seven-story pagoda that allows you to take those special family shots, you will never want to forget. 5. East Coast Park: This extensive park has a beach, playgrounds, biking tracks, and even areas for barbecuing. Ideal for a day of outing, sunbathing, boating and anything you would want to indulge in on the seashore. Hire bicycles for a nice family cycling trip along the trails or just have fun creating sand castles on the sandy beaches. 6. Jurong Lake Gardens: Visit Chinese, Japanese, and Indian-themed gardens that include distinctive water fountains, sculptures, and various plant varieties. Enjoy the cable car trips for the views of the gardens and the surrounding areas of the city. Bring a frisbee or ball to play with on the large lawns so as to have some fun with the family. 7. Pulau Ubin: Flee the mainland for this backwoods island. Take walking tours along the set mangrove trails, swim in secluded beaches, and cycle through the island on rented bicycles for a richer family experience. It is recommended to go to the Pekan (local village) to learn about the authentic kampong (village) atmosphere and try some mouth-watering local sweets. 8. Mount Faber Park: Go for a trek in a lush green nature park and get a chance to meet some of the wildlife. Experience stunning observation decks with stunning views of the city and enjoy cable car rides for some level of adventure. To get to the next level, there are cable car dining services where you can get to eat as you are being transported on the cable car that hovers over trees. 9. Telok Blangah Hill Park: You can either walk up the steps or use the lift and reach the higher level where you can get stunning views of the busy port and even more. Take a family photo on the Henderson Waves, a pedestrian bridge designed in the form of waves for an artistic look. Watch cute otters playing with their young ones by the pond – exciting entertainment for kids. 10. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden: A heaven for kids; with water parks, slides, climbing structures, and beautifully designed gardens that engage children’s creativity and curiosity. The tot-friendly Wee Care Garden is designed for children to play freely while their parents sit back and relax in the designated area. 11. The HortPark: This modern urban green venue provides city skyline views alongside gardens, water elements, and fun educational activities ideal for families. Go to a gardening workshop and develop new skills with your children as members of a family. 12. Singapore Zoo: Well, it’s not exactly a garden, but there are many trees and plants around and some exhibits are open-air so you can have real wildlife exposure while walking through the zoo. For a rather comfortable tour, one should take a tram ride while if one seeks an adrenalin rush, there is always the treetop będak. 13. Night Safari: Take a dream-like tram that takes you through a magical open-air nocturnal savannah where animals are roaming freely at night. See the impressive crepuscular activity when animals are most active during dawn and dusk. Such a rich experience will inevitably evoke curiosity and develop a love for wildlife conservation in your family. So get ready to take your family on an exciting trek through the green landscape of the Singapore gardens!

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