Top Seafood Favored by the Japanese

Japan is an island country and the people of this country have always respected and relied on the sea for their livelihood. It would therefore not be a surprise that seafood is commonly used in Japanese foods and recipes. However, there is more to seafood than the canned tuna and the salmon found on sushi establishment’s menus. Let’s dive into some of the most beloved seafood enjoyed in Japan When it comes to seafood, Japan’s choices are far from conventional. Here are some lesser-known but equally delicious options to tantalize your taste buds Seasonality and Technique Seasonality is a feature that characterizes Japanese cuisine probably more than any other cuisine in the world. Seafood is no exception. There are certain fishes that are in season throughout the year and the Japanese master chefs make use of this and prepare fish dishes that would enhance the flavor and texture of the fish. The other major consideration is the focus on quality work. As for preparation, teppanyaki dishes are cooked in a style where Japanese techniques show the natural goodness of the seafood without overpowering the dish. With its focus on freshness, seasonality, and expert preparation, Japan offers an amazing seafood experience for any adventurous eater. So, next time you’re craving Japanese cuisine, embark on a culinary adventure and enjoy the delicious bounty of the Japanese seas! You might also consider exploring beyond the restaurant scene. Japan’s busy fish markets, like the famous Tsukiji Outer Market in Tokyo, offer a chance to see the strong connection between the Japanese people and the sea. Watching the incredible variety of fresh catches, the lively vendors, and the careful selection process adds a new level of appreciation for the excellent seafood on Japanese tables. Dive into the world of Japanese seafood and discover flavors and culinary artistry that will leave you wanting more.

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