Greece: Mythical Landscapes, Magical Memories for You and Your Loved One

Mythology, romance, sunny beaches, and ancient ruins, all set within the beautiful country of Greece, make it an ideal destination for couples. Whether one wants romance, adventure or both, Greece has the special something that he or she has been longing for. Here are 12 of the best destinations to spark unforgettable memories with your loved one 1. Athens: Walk around the Acropolis, see the famous Parthenon, and visit the colorful Plaka district. You definitely don’t wanna lose out on a romantic candle-lit dinner under the beautiful stars of Athens while enjoying traditional Greek food such as moussaka or seafood. 2. Santorini: Visit the picturesque houses painted in white and explore the dramatic cliffs that slope down to the caldera. Romantic walk through the picturesque paths of Fira, holding hands and dancing on the sunset catamaran as well as enjoy the volcanic black sandy beaches. 3. Mykonos: Experience the international flavor of Mykonos. Shop for luxury items together in various stores, and look for something special. Party the night in colorful nightlife followed by chilling on sandy beaches. For a historical trip, visit Delos, which is a World Heritage Site with significant archeological importance, by taking a day trip. 4. Naxos: Avoid the rushed tourists and immerse yourself in the beauty of Naxos – the largest island in the Cyclades group. Sunbathe on the sandy coast, stroll around the picturesque villages with snap-stone pavements, and wonder at the unfinished temple-like structure known as the Portara, great for a lovers’ picnic. 5. Crete: This diverse island is historically and mythologically rich, making it a great location for various activities. Walk hand in hand through the Minoan Palace at Knossos, marvel at the famous Samaria Gorge, and witness the pink sand of Elafonisi Beach. 6. Meteora: Watch the awe-inspiring monasteries built on sheer cliffs and rocky outcrops. Visit the historical landmarks together, holding hands, marvel at the scenery, and enjoy the solitude of this beautiful place. In the evening, take comfortable accommodation in a beautiful local hotel and look at the sky full of stars. 7. Rhodes: Explore the lovely area of Rhodes and embrace its history and traditions. Get to know the medieval Old Town, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, meet the Palace of the Grand Masters, and lie down on the sand of the exquisite island’s beaches. In the evening, go for an evening walk along the harbor and enjoy seafood at an ocean-side restaurant. 8. Peloponnese: The peninsula of Peloponnese is a treasure trove of history and lush green landscapes. Visit Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, a site considered sacred for lovers and rivals. Go to the ancient town of Mycenae and spend time on the Ionian Sea coast, which is famous for its blue color. 9. Paxos & Antipaxos: Explore the secrets of the two stunning islands Paxos and Antipaxos – definitely worth going for the lovers of nature. Discover caves, rent a two-seater kayak and set sail for secluded bays, go for a hike and spend romantic evenings on deserted sandy shores. 10. Skiathos: Visit Skiathos, Greece’s lively island perfect for partygoers and tourists who want to see the sandy beach. Sunbathe on deserted beaches, and visit the picturesque fisherman’s village with cobblestone streets and cheerful people. Spend an evening dancing at a beach bar and follow it up with breakfast by the beach. 11. Milos: Take a boat ride around the island of Milos which is noted for its high cliffs and beautiful sandy beaches. Walk through isolated beaches, navigate to the quaint fishing villages, appreciate the picturesque landscape and embrace the serenity of the Aegean Sea. 12. Corfu: This beautiful island has been influenced in the past by the Venetians and is steeped in culture. Take a walk in the historic quarters of Tallinn, walk through the spacious royal palaces, hold hands, and sunbathe on beautiful islands. In the evenings, be thrilled by a night of traditional Greek folk music and dancing under the stars. This is only a glimpse of what Greece has to offer. Think about what type of activities interest both of you to help organize the best vacation for the two of you. From historic sites to sandy shores, Greece guarantees that you and your partner can embark on a truly memorable journey.

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