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Top 15 Things to Do and See in Turkey

Turkey is a country that is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and is home to a diverse variety of historical sites, landmarks, customs, and creations of nature. With famous landmarks such as Istanbul’s skyline stunning coastlines, and even the other-worldly ‘Moon’ landscape, there is something for every holidaymaker to discover. Here’s a deeper dive into 15 of its most captivating experiences

1. Hagia Sophia Mosque: Visit this former church, mosque and now museum once again, which has been granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take in the wonder of the domes, the delicate mosaics, and the beautifully penned Arabic calligraphy which inscribed the Quran on the walls, this building was once a mosque.

2. Blue Mosque: Experience the calmness of chanting in Sultan Ahmed Mosque, locally called the Blue Mosque. Appreciate the beautiful blue glazed tiles that cover the outer part of the building in a splendid display of Iznik tile work. Enter it to immerse into the ornamentation of geometrical shapes and writing that fills the interior expanse of the building.

3. Topkapi Palace: When visiting Istanbul, do not miss the chance to dive into history and marvel at the splendid rooms of the Ottoman sultans in the Topkapi Palace. Discover the secrets of the Ottoman Empire, admire unique souvenirs such as the Spoonmaker’s Diamond, and feel like members of the court inside these premises.

4. Ancient City of Ephesus: Stroll through the remains of this historically significant Greco-Roman metropolis on the UNESCO list of World Heritage. Visit the Library of Celsus, a two-story structure with a façade that was built as a mausoleum for a Roman senator and not as a real library. Hear the cheers of thousands of spectators at the Great Theatre, one of the largest amphitheaters of the Ancient World, and admire the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

5. Hot Air Ballooning over Cappadocia: Float gently over otherworldly landscapes of fairy chimneys and carved rock formations in a hot air balloon. Marvel at the sun rising over the sky as you explore the fairy chimneys and other wonders of Cappadocia like never before. Look at these geological phenomena, the remains of ancient volcanic activity, and try to visualize the living spaces of the people who used to live here.

6. Pamukkale and Hierapolis: Visit the outdoor museum of Pamukkale and marvel at the breathtaking white cliffs of limestone that have emerged from the flowing hot springs of calcium chloride over thousands of years. Visit the ruins of the Roman city of Hierapolis with beautiful restored spas, a theater, and the legendary Pluto’s Gate.

7. Bosphorus Cruise: Cruise through the world-renowned Bosphorus Strait, which forms the essence of Turkey culturally and geographically and splits Europe and Asia. Enjoy the beautiful buildings that hug the coast, from the imperial brilliance of the Dolmabahçe Palace to the picturesque Ottoman houses that are nestled on the slopes. Do not miss a view of the Rumeli Fortress, a huge watchtower that welcomed guests who entered the Black Sea.

8. Turkish Cuisine: Savor a unique gastronomic experience that you will never forget. Enjoy the tender and juicy kebabs such as minced lamb kebab known as Adana kebab and crisp sweets like baklava which includes phyllo, nuts, and syrup. Try the traditional Turkish coffee that is served in a small pot called cezve and do not forget to taste Meze which is a selection of appetizers with dips, vegetables, and seafood and Gözleme – the savory sort of Turkish pastry filled with various stuffing.

9. Turkish Bath (Hamam): Discover the wellness treatment of hammam, a social and aesthetic bath deeply rooted in Türkiye’s culture dating back to the Romans. Offer includes sitting in warm steam rooms, having a scrub called Kese and coming out renewed. Leave behind your worries and tension as the warm water performs miracles under skilled hands.

10. Grand Bazaar: Get enchanted by the serpentine streets of the Grand Bazaar, the oldest and the largest covered bazaar on the planet. Browse through over 4,000 shops that are filled to the brim with a plethora of carpets, spices including cumin and sumac, shiny jewelry made of gold and precious stones, and souvenir items such as ceramics and evil eye trinkets. Sharpen your bargaining abilities as you revel in the energetic and charged atmosphere of this commercial hub.

11. Turkish Riviera: Relax on the sandy Mediterranean shores, and enjoy an array of watersports and activities. Discover picturesque coastal towns such as Kas, blessed with incredibly clean seas and a serene tempo, or the bustling metropolis of Antalya with its ancient harbor and extensive club scene. Engage in water sports such as diving or sailing or just laze around the beautiful sandy beaches.

12. Ani, the City of 1001 Churches: The Armenian city of Ani is a medieval city, which was once a huge and prosperous city of commerce and spirituality. Tour more than one hundred churches, monasteries, and other civil buildings that are now in ruins. Admire for intricate work done in carving the facades and the towering structures that depict the former glory of the city.

Turkey invites travelers with the prospect of an unforgettable vacation. This appealing country ranges from the crowded souks of the metropolis to the quiet shores of the Mediterranean’s Taurus Gem. Therefore, book your flight and open your heart for the warm welcome by the Turkish people and start your journey to unveil the charm of Turkey.

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