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10 Places You Can’t Miss in Poland

There is much more to the charm of Poland than its history and beautiful cities. It has a diverse geography, which provides a range of stunning landscapes for anybody who loves nature. From towering mountain ranges to beautiful lakes, and beautiful woods, Poland offers a haven for nature lovers. Here’s a deeper dive into 10 unmissable spots

1. Tatra Mountains: The Tatras are a hiker’s paradise and contain the highest peak in Poland called Rysy. Scenic valleys such as the Kościeliska Valley with waterfalls and pastures stretch out beneath soaring ridges. Morskie Oko (Sea Eye) – a glacial lake with water as clear as glass and a stunning view of the surrounding mountains. Ski resorts such as Zakopane nestled in the mountains give a glimpse into the local life and a comfortable accommodation.

2. Bialowieża National Park: A designated UNESCO World Heritage site, Bialowieża is the continent’s last remaining large natural forest. Visit the primeval oaks some of which are more than 800 years old and the impressive size of the Bialowieża Forest. It is home to the European bison, the largest mammal on the European mainland, and visitors will have an opportunity to observe them in their natural environment. Get yourself enchanted by the vast areas that have not been touched by man-made interference.

3. Masurian Lake District: This maze of more than two thousand lakes is perfect for lovers of water activities. Take a boat ride across the Śniardwy, the largest body of freshwater in Europe, or rent a canoe and navigate through the channels to secluded bays and islands. Stroll along the coasts of Mikolajki – one of the most popular resort towns of the region, marveling at the calmness of the area. There are picturesque towns, for instance, Giżycko with the 14th-century castle and historical sites such as the Wolf’s Lair – Hitler’s headquarters.

4. Słowiński National Park: Feel the energy of nature in Słowiński, known for its moving sand hills, which may have heights up to 30 meters. Go for a walk into the Łeba Dunes with the wind in your hair and breathe in the vastness of the beach that goes for kilometers. Visit the lighthouse at Człopa, the only lighthouse in the park giving visitors a vantage view of the park. See the constantly shifting terrain created by the wind and sea, the living proof of the existence of the force of nature.

5. Bieszczady Mountains: Avoid the crowds and head deep into the Bieszczady Mountains, a lowland area that is characterized by rolling hills, wildflower meadows, and dense forests located close to the Polish-Ukrainian border. Especially recommended for hikers, bikers, and horse riders, Bieszczady is a place that has a truly wild character. Visit Bieszczady National Park where it is easy to meet many rare animals and birds, walking through the beautiful wooden Wetlina with its narrow-gauge steam railway. In the middle of the mountains there is an artificially created Solina Lake, which is perfect for water sports and recreation.

6. Crooked Forest: Visit the strange and unusual Crooked Forest situated near the village of Nowe Czarnowo. Here, one can find hundreds of pine trees which for some reason have grown with a distinct curve towards the ground, shaped like an enormous question mark. There are many theories on what led to its formation, with the possibilities including weather occurrences or human interference, which only contribute to the enigmatic allure of this specific natural wonder. Hike or bike through the forest; admire the crooked formations of trees and wonder about the mystery of the crooked forest still unsolved.

7. Narew National Park: Paddle a kayak at the Narew River that offers beautiful scenery for birds and those who love nature. The Narew flows through one of the biggest marshy areas of Europe, which is home to over 200 bird species, ranging from eagles, and cranes to storks. It has untouched forests where wild boar, deer, and beavers may be spotted, so one can really get in touch with the wilderness. Spend time in the silence of Narew National Park, a perfect destination for those who want to find quietness.

8. Ojcow National Park: Ojcow National Park is about several kilometers from Krakow which makes this park ideal for nature enthusiasts. Cross the awe-inspiring karst landscape which has taken millions of years to form, and visit several caves that are stuffed with ancient paintings. Visit such beautiful water cascades like Wodna Ścieżka show the trail behind the waterfalls and visit medieval castle ruins like Pieskowa Skała on a rocky cliff. It is full of various plant and animal species, which makes it an ideal day trip destination from Krakow or a more extensive trip for those who want to escape city life.

9. Rudawy Janowickie: Visit the stunning cliffs, waterfalls and gorges in the lesser Poland province’s Rudawy Janowickie mountains. Go through the complicated network of trails created by Łomnica River surrounded by ancient and now in ruins medieval castles like Karpniki. Check out the many rock shelters some of which contain prehistoric paintings depicting the ancient way of life. If you want to have fun while hiking up the mountains or if you just want to take a leisurely walk through the valleys, Rudawy Janowickie will surely capture your heart.

10. Biebrza National Park:  As a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Biebrza National Park is the largest natural marsh area in Europe. Embark on the extensive system of waterways crisscrossing the area that boasts of different bird species such as the black stork. Go for trekking or biking along through the trail and across the large area of marshland and the Biebrza river which is home to many wild animals. During winter, the region looks more mesmerizing with snow all over the place making it quite an appealing place to visit. Spend time in Biebrza National Park, which is perfect for those who love getting off the beaten track and exploring untouched nature.

Therefore, ready to be amazed at the irresistible beauty of Poland and its natural attractions. Whether it is majestic mountains and calm lakes, primeval forests or rocky coastlines, Poland has something to offer to every admirer of nature.

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